Meta2 Jogja 2012

Meta-Meta:  A retreat for intercultural practitioners

11th to 15th June 2012, Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia

I am really glad I am here because I feel like we are having the conversations and making the connections that will shape this work for the next 30-40 years.                Theaker Von Ziarno 2012

4 days, 46 practitioners, 60 open space sessions, 15 meals, 150 cups of coffee … Meta-Meta was attended by practitioners from Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Cambodia, Germany and the UK.  Participants ranged from arts leaders, managers, CCD practitioners, live art performers, artists, community development workers, social planners and consultants.  Meta-Meta was a mixed bag of critical dialogue, presentations, ideas, intercultural exchange and discussion.

Some of the topics explored throughout Meta-Meta included:

  • Professional Development needs for Arts Managers
  • Social Media + Digital Communications
  • The Role of Arts & Culture in Disaster Recovery
  • Interactive/Participatory Art Practice – Intercultural Exchange, Touring, Residencies
  • Censorship in Indonesian Arts
  • Beyond Static – Recasting Cultural Mapping
  • Leadership Challenges. Peer /Collaborative methods for Problem Solving
  • Contemporary Intercultural CCD Practice: What is it? How are we working? What does it look like? How are we defining CCD?
  • The role of a board in an arts organisation

Thank you to all who participated and to those agencies, organisations and funders who supported people to attend.

You can download a digital copy of the event publication, ‘Meta-Meta: cool water for burning questions’ here.

We are currently discussing the where-to-from-here for 2013-14 and, if you would like to stay in touch with us (and we don’t already have your details), please send your information to

We hope to see you at MM 2013!  Stay tuned for the next exciting episode 🙂

Ben Fox, Jade Lillie, Kate Fielding and Lenine Bourke.

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International Partners:

Performance by Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Some Meta-Meta background

Meta-Meta is a retreat for practitioners in community cultural development, intercultural and socially engaged practice.

Mid-career professionals working across Australia, Indonesia and South-East Asia will meet with other intercultural innovators who work across faiths, genders, nationalities, economies, cultures of origin, generations and abilities.

Why are we doing this?
From the remote communities of Australia, to the politically diverse nations of South East Asia, to natural disasters that cross borders, practitioners working on creative-led social change face common issues. This event creates space for:

  • Critical dialogues with documented outcomes.
  • Open Space exploration of practice-based issues including participant-led workshops.
  • Conversations around professional sustainability, reflection and collaboration.
  • Safe space to meet with peers, colleagues and friends, creating time in your year to get into rich, productive discussions that expand your work.
  • Focus on peer learning for mid-career practitioners, as there isn’t currently a professional development or exchange opportunity for practitioners at this level.

Why should you attend?
Meta-Meta gathers peers and colleagues to generate new networks, collaborations, evaluative frameworks and shared language. Join conversations about those questions you are asking about your work, and raise your own agendas in an open space dialogue. Listen to and be heard by people with relevant experience and perspectives.

Info:   The Meta-Meta page at for detailed information.

5 Responses to Meta2 Jogja 2012

  1. I am very interested in the potential of this event to develop international programs and models for sustainable practice. Practitioners are currently filling many gaps left by our failing political and social systems. It is invigorating to see energy put into peer development and networking.

  2. Tamara Playne says:

    Can you flesh out the syle of the event and the programme if possible? Interested in the balance between discussion, workshops, and experiences and also something about the intended outcomes and would love to know about the venue etc.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Tamara,
    I assume you read through the Frequently Asked Questions.. in the FAQ There are some great links to Open Spaces Tech’ and other conceptual frameworks. Workshops, outcomes and experiences will be determined by the attendees during the retreat. Details about the venue will be sent out with invitations to successful EOIs.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for your interest Louise!

  5. Lucia Pichler says:

    Hi – can you put me on your mailing list? Really keen to hear more about what you are up to.

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